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Here is the latest my news:

On June, 9 the new volume of Plinius (no. 4) will be available, it’ll also include a brief guidebook for a better understanding of Plinius the Elder’s world.
The narrative will be about the 62 d. C. Campania earthquake, which gravely hit Pompei, and about the ways in which Romans were able to cope with that disaster. A few months ago in Japan there struck the so called great Kumamoto earthquake, and it’ll be interesting to compare Rome’s Italian provinces to Japan: two places constantly threatened by powerful quakes.



During the month of July the latest album by Spitz (a Japanese pop band) will come out, and it’ll include a short manga about the singers.

Spitz "samenai"

And… there will soon be more news that I’ll share with you in the future!
by dersuebeppi | 2016-06-04 16:52


by dersuebeppi